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Sanford Luverne Uses Latest Technology for Patient Medical Records

Sanford Hospital Luverne Nurse Aide Marguerite Nath at one of the new patient room computers, where hospital staff now document patient care information in electronic medical records.
On July 13, Sanford Hospital Luverne staff converted from using paper patient charts to an electronic medical records system called docZ. Computers were recently installed in hospital patient rooms. Physicians, nurses, and other staff providing patient care now access patients’ medical records (charts) by computer and enter information that was formerly recorded in a paper medical record.
docZ provides many benefits to patients. Here are just a few: 
  • One chart for both clinic and hospital visits: Within the next six months, the docZ electronic medical record system will be used in all Sanford Health clinics and hospitals in our region. Patients can visit any Sanford clinic or hospital and their medical history and health information can be accessed by the medical team caring for the patient.
  • The docZ system alerts clinic staff when a patient is due for a test or procedure. For example, when a female patient turns 40 years old, a clinic staff member will be prompted to contact this patient and remind her to schedule a mammogram. 
  • “My Sanford Chart,” a docZ application, allows patients to view portions of their electronic medical records, access certain test results, e-mail their healthcare team, renew prescriptions, make online appointments, and more. Parents of children age 17 and under and caregivers of adult family members may request to access their children’s or adult family members’ health information on My Sanford Chart. 
  • “Lucy,” another docZ application, allows My Sanford Chart users to record health information not included in their electronic medical record. For example, if you receive a flu vaccine at work, or are treated in an emergency room while away on vacation, this information (and more) can be entered in the “Lucy” application. Sanford Health medical providers can view this information and relate it to your medical history. 
  • “Care Everywhere” is a feature of docZ and Epic, the creator of the docZ system. “Care Everywhere” allows other, non-Sanford Health medical providers who also use an Epic patient electronic medical record system, to access patient information, with the patient’s authorization.
The docZ electronic medical record system will revolutionize patient care throughout the entire Sanford Health System and improve the way healthcare is delivered to patients. For more information about docZ, call Sanford Hospital Luverne at (507) 283-2321.
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