Sanford Luverne

Pink Ladies Purchase TVs for Hospital Emergency Treatment Rooms

Pink Ladies Officers (l to r): Pauline Martin, vice pres., Doris Tofteland, pres., Naidine Aanenson, sec., Myrna Spease second vice pres., Elzora Ott, asst. sec., Sharon Zinnell, treas.The Pink Ladies of Sanford Medical Center Luverne recently purchased four wall-mounted television sets for the emergency department treatment rooms. The approximate cost, excluding wiring expenses, was $1,350.
TVs were requested for the emergency treatment rooms to improve patient satisfaction, privacy, and confidentiality.
The TVs offer patients and family members a welcome distraction during emergency room visits, especially for children. Time seems to pass quicker for patients if their attention can be diverted with an interesting TV show, rather than focusing on their discomfort.
The sounds of the treatment room TVs also improve confidentiality. “When people are tuned in to what’s happening on the TV in their room, they’re less likely to overhear activity and conversations outside their treatment rooms,” said Nyla Sandbulte, RN, chief nursing officer.
The Pink Ladies of Sanford Medical Center Luverne have been active since 1965. The group functions like an auxiliary. They hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for purchasing hospital equipment. The Pink Ladies:
  • Mend patient gowns and robes
  • Make “rice socks” which can be warmed and used for hospital patients’ comfort, like a hot pack
  • Make hats for newborns
  • Make burp cloths and blankets for newborns in the hospital nursery
  • Make Christmas stockings for December newborns to go home in
  • Serve in various volunteer roles at the hospital (gift shop cashiers, greeters, department receptionists, etc.)
The Pink Ladies meet monthly at Sanford Medical Center Luverne from April through December. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Pink Ladies, contact Doris Tofteland at (507) 283-4830.
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