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Cradle Roll

Sanford Luverne's Cradle Roll is an OPTIONAL service for new parents and their babies.

If you cannot find the baby you are looking for, the parent(s) may have opted not to participate in the online Cradle Roll.

Babies appear on the Cradle Roll approximately two business days after their birth.

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 Baby's NameDate Of BirthParent(s)
Female Reese Kimberly 07/21/2014, 12:27 AM Lacey and Mikie
Male Caleb John 07/20/2014, 12:20 PM Jana and John
Female Korie Marie 07/17/2014, 01:00 PM Rachelle and Jason
Male Gage Hudson 07/14/2014, 04:15 AM Sarah and Paul
Female Caradyn Grace 06/30/2014, 07:19 AM Christine and Zachary
Female Nyjah Leigh 06/29/2014, 05:31 AM Kia and Rodney
Male Olanaa Dabale Tuffa 06/19/2014, 07:38 AM Yadani and Dabale
Female Stella Bea 06/10/2014, 07:17 AM Kristin and Jon
Female Claire Vivian 06/07/2014, 02:15 PM Christina and Matt
Female Kambrie Grace 05/30/2014, 08:06 AM Kelsey and Jon
Female Samantha Kaye 05/27/2014, 06:40 PM Tonya and Joe
Female Ellie Lynn 05/16/2014, 07:34 AM Jody and Danny
Male Francis Bruce 05/12/2014, 11:00 PM Katie and Charlie
Male Karter William 05/12/2014, 07:19 AM Alicia and Wayne
Male Case Lewis 04/29/2014, 06:18 PM Kiley and Mitch