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Wellness Programs

The Wellness Department at Sanford Luverne wants to help you feel your best by staying in top physical condition. Some activities offered by the Wellness Department include:

        GRAND Wellness Challenge 2017

            Get together. Get active. Get healthy.     

            Increase your daily activity, improve your nutrition and have some fun. Put together a three-person team and             follow along with the fitness challenges to win prizes.

            The six-week challenge will focus on:

            • Giving to others

            • Relaxing

            • Activity

            • Nutrition

            • Drinking water

            Challenge begins Monday, Feb. 27. Cost is $10 per person.

            To register, call (507) 449-1229.


  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life Participation
    • Sanford Luverne is a corporate sponsor for the Rock County Relay for Life. Hospital staff teams annually participate in the event.
  • Sanford POWER
    • Sanford POWER is designed for male and female athletes in grades 9-11, or 15 years of age, who are serious about improving their power, speed, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. This seven-week camp consists of two weekly one-and-a-half hour sessions packed with intensive exercise protocols that include stretching, plyometrics, trunk strengthening, speed, and agility training drills. Our training camp, designed by a physical therapist, includes aspects of the expensive acceleration clinics. Be prepared to work hard at this camp. We emphasize that this is designed for the serious athlete. The class is limited to 45 students. Register for the class through Community Education.
  • Athletic Heart Screening
    • What is an Athletic Heart Screening?
      • An athletic heart screening is compromised of two diagnostic tests, the EKG and the cardiac ultrasound. Both noninvasive tests are completely painless. The screening takes approximately 20 minutes. Local cardiologists donate their time to interpret the results.
    • What are the two tests?
      • An EKG checks the heart's electrical activity, which produces the heartbeat and pulse. The EKG ensures that the heart rhythm and electrical activity are normal. An echocardiogram uses ultrasound to visualize the internal structures of the heart and the movement of its valves and walls.
    • Lipid Profile
      • A lipid profile, an analysis of total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides, is also performed at the screening. The lipid profile, EKG, and echocardiogram, are all evaluated to determine the condition of the individual's heart.
    • What happens if a problem is detected?
      • Approximately 3-4 weeks after the screening, athletes will receive a letter stating the results of their heart screening. In the event that an abnormality is detected, you will receive a letter asking you to contact your family physician. Your family physician will receive a letter detailing the results. A letter will be sent to your family physician for both normal and abnormal results.
    • Are tests proven to prevent "silent" cardiac disease?
      • The echocardiogram and EKG are not experimental. These tests are used routinely in cardiac evaluation. Their effectiveness in terms of diagnosing "silent" cardiac disease is currently being studied at many major medical facilities across the country.
    • Who can attend the screening?
      • Anyone in middle school, high school, or college, generally those 12-26 years of age, may attend. You may attend the screening even if you are not involved in any organized sport. Older adults and small children are precluded from taking the tests.
  • Buffalo Days Walk/Run 
    • During Buffalo Days, Sanford Luverne sponsors the Fun Run/Walk. The Fitness Walk is open to walkers of all ages. Participants are welcome to walk with family and friends. Strollers may be pushed. Running is not allowed. The 1/2 Mile Run is open to individuals who are twelve years or younger. The 5K & 10K Runs are open to everyone.
    • Why should you participate?
      • Enjoy our beautiful city. 
      • Promote walking and running. 
      • Compare your abilities to other athletes. 
      • Receive a T-shirt.
      • Participate in our community celebration.
  • Diabetes Education 
    • The Diabetes Lifestyle Management Education Sessions are designed to assist individuals in learning how to deal with diabetes. Diabetes management requires education, decision making, and hands-on experience. 


  • Fire Fighters' Health Screenings 
    • Sanford  Luverne conducts the firefighters' required health screenings. The exam includes a 12-lead ECG, pulmonary function test, health history, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, height, weight, and temperature (if appropriate). The laboratory tests include total cholesterol, blood sugar, and urinalysis. A local physician interprets the data. The firefighters receive a copy of the results, as well as recommendations and comments from the physician. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Partners in Prevention
    • Partners in Prevention serves as Sanford's commitment to help create a healthier community in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas by providing screening services. Services include anything from a free blood pressure to an instantaneous blood cholesterol assessment for a small fee.
    • The screenings often occur in places of convenience to the public. Often, places such as health fairs, farm shows, and area grocery stores serve as the settings for the screenings.
    • Partners in Prevention, just one of many ways Sanford is improving the human condition.
  • Prepared Childbirth Classes
    • Sanford Luverne offers baby care, sibling, and prenatal classes to expecting parents.
  • Work Place Assessments and Wellness Health Screenings
    • Wellness screenings are a benefit to the business and the employees. The screenings identify risks and behaviors that lead to health problems. The program concentrates on identifying the health risks and promoting healthy lifestyles and work habits for employees. Utilize this program to make a positive impact on the health of employees and decrease the cost of healthcare in the future.
    • Screenings include: coronary, cancer, osteoporosis, fitness, and ergonomic assessments.
    • Each profile includes a self-directed assessment and clinical screens. The assessment covers health factors such as nutrition, fitness, stress, tobacco, and alcohol use. The clinical screens may consist of a healthy history, blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, and clinical lab testing, such as cholesterol, blood sugar, PSA (prostrate), and TSH (thyroid).
    • Our staff will administer and complete the screenings at the work site. Employees will be given/sent a copy of his/her results. All data will be kept confidential.
    • Our staff is willing to speak to local community organizations. Please call (507) 449-1229 for further information.
  • Additional Services 
    • We also offer educational information on nutrition, body mechanics, smoking cessation, and identifying risk factors for coronary artery disease and cancer.
  • Our Staff: