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Cradle Roll

Sanford Luverne's Cradle Roll is an OPTIONAL service for new parents and their babies.

If you cannot find the baby you are looking for, the parent(s) may have opted not to participate in the online Cradle Roll.

Babies appear on the Cradle Roll approximately two business days after their birth.

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 Baby's NameDate Of BirthParent(s)
Male Tyson Francis 08/07/2015, 07:20 AM Kristie and Rob
Male Otto Dean 08/03/2015, 07:05 AM Lexy and Chris
Male Mason John 08/01/2015, 02:54 PM Kim and Jesse
Male Teagan Leo 07/19/2015, 05:06 AM Erica and Halden
Male Xander Dalton 07/10/2015, 11:44 PM Courtney and Tanner
Female Emersyn Grace 07/03/2015, 02:43 AM Chanda and Jerod
Male Jeffrey Dustin 07/02/2015, 07:18 AM Anne and Dustin
Female Iris Kay 06/30/2015, 12:37 PM Haylee and Alex
Male Kyler Wil 06/29/2015, 05:50 PM Tosha and Wil
Female Hattie Rae 06/29/2015, 12:57 PM Justine and Matt
Male Julian Omar 06/23/2015, 12:34 AM Damaris
Male Miles Jay 06/18/2015, 06:28 AM Brandi and Kent
Male Malcolm Samuel 06/15/2015, 06:58 AM Julie and Mark