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Chemical Dependency

Sanford Luverne Medical Center's Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program is designed to provide treatment for people with substance abuse or dependency problems. The program allows clients who can abstain from alcohol, drugs and gambling for short periods of time (1-3 days) without supervision, to participate in treatment without leaving their families, homes, and work or school responsibilities.

Chemical dependency is a disease that can involve psychological and/or physical dependence. The most common form of chemical dependency is alcoholism, but other drug addictions and even compulsive gambling are becoming prevalent in today's society.

Addiction can profoundly affect many areas of a person's life. Marital, health, family, financial, emotional, social, spiritual and work-related problems may directly relate to an individual's addiction.

Treatment consists of:
• Group therapy
• Education
• Individual counseling
• Family involvement
• Aftercare planning
• AA/NA participation

Family program
Chemical dependency is an illness that affects the family as well as the addicted person. Family sessions are encouraged and scheduled on an individual basis.

Continuing care
Continued support following the completion of treatment is an essential part of recovery. Sanford Hospital Luverne's Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program offers continuing care groups one evening per week to provide support for individuals who have completed the primary treatment.

Assessments / evaluations
Evaluation services are offered to individuals, employers, court systems, and Family Services. From the evaluation, the assessor determines an individual's level of chemical involvement and recommends appropriate treatment, if necessary. There is no obligation for treatment.

Information / education
Sanford Luverne Medical Center's Chemical Dependency staff is available to present informational/educational programs to community and civic organizations.

Most insurance companies provide benefits for chemical dependency evaluation and treatment. Financial arrangements can be made to cover the cost of all services provided.

All contacts are confidential and do not place anyone under any obligation for evaluation or treatment.

Admission information
For more information, or to schedule a confidential consultation, please call (507) 283-2321, ext. 246.