Sanford Luverne

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Sanford Luverne Medical Center offers chemotherapy to keep health care close to home for patients who need cancer treatment.

The chemotherapy team consists of several registered nurses specially trained in the administration of chemotherapy medications. Jonathan Bleeker, MD, from Sanford Oncology in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the consulting oncologist for chemotherapy at Sanford Luverne Medical Center. Dr. Bleeker has scheduled clinic days to see patients in Luverne once a month. Treatment at Sanford Luverne is also scheduled for patients by other area oncologists.

Every patient receiving chemotherapy is unique and responds differently to chemotherapy treatments. The goal of our chemotherapy team is to assist cancer patients in obtaining the maximum benefits from their treatments, with the least amount of side effects and risk. Efforts are made to help patients maintain as normal of a lifestyle as possible. Our team believes patients need to be treated as a whole person, assisting with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Chemotherapy can be administered as an inpatient or an outpatient treatment. Physicians may order medications to manage the side effects of cancer treatments, which can be administered by the Sanford Luverne chemotherapy team.

The Sanford Luverne Pharmacy team prepares the chemotherapy medications onsite.

The priority of our chemotherapy team is to provide patients with the best overall chemotherapy treatment plan with a safe, friendly, and caring service.  Our onsite pharmacists are happy to consult with patients about chemotherapy medications.

Call Sanford Luverne Medical Center at (507) 283-2321 for further information.