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Diabetes Management

The Sanford Luverne Diabetes Lifestyle Management Education Program was awarded Recognition from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in March, 2007. The ADA believes this programs offers high-quality education that is an essential part of diabetes treatment.
Sanford Luverne Diabetes Education Sessions are designed to assist individuals with learning how to deal with diabetes. Diabetes management requires education, decision making, and hands-on experience.

The ultimate goal of the Sanford Hospital Luverne Diabetes Education Program is to enable those with diabetes to take charge of their health by increasing their knowledge of diabetes, increasing awareness of how diabetes is controlled, developing a plan for diabetes control, and learning complications and risk factors of diabetes and how to prevent them. The education is provided in three sessions.

Session I
• What is diabetes?
• Monitoring and regulating your diabetes
• Medication management
• Physical activity and exercise
• The basics of eating
• Food and blood glucose
• Getting started with meal planning

Session II (Individual)
• Individual medication discussion/instruction
• Meter demonstration
• Exercise plan
• Personal foot exam
• Individualized meal plan
• Other issues specific to individual patients

Session III Managing Acute and Chronic Complications
• Sick day management
• Foot, skin, and dental care
• Heart disease and stroke
• Retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy

Stress Management

Behavior Change and Goal Setting Advanced Meal Planning

• Label reading
• Eating out
• Alcohol

Putting the Pieces Together
• Follow-up
• Health maintenance screenings
• Community services

Medicare and most insurance companies will cover the cost of the classes.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call Sanford Clinic Luverne at (507) 283-4476.