Sanford Luverne

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Birth Center

Welcome to The Birth Center at Sanford Luverne Medical Center. Our staff is honored to provide skilled, empathetic care during a woman's personal journey through labor and delivery.
Sanford Luverne Medical Center offers beautiful, home-like birthing rooms designed for ultimate patient comfort and safety. The rooms include whirlpools, Cable TV, DVD players, and access to a fully-stocked nutrition center. The Birth Center is equipped for vaginal deliveries and Cesarean births.

The Sanford Luverne Medical Center Obstetrics (OB) Staff is certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and maintains a high level of competency in labor and delivery procedures. Our staff is ready to assist you during your labor, whether you want natural childbirth, IV medications, or epidural medication.  Labor epidural and intrathecal analgesia are provided 24 hours a day by the anesthesia department at Sanford Hospital Luverne.

Our secured nursery is staffed 24 hours a day. You may have your baby in the room with you as much as you want, and you may rest or sleep while your baby is in the nursery, being cared for by our staff. 

Understanding Birth, Understanding Newborns, and Sibling Classes are offered at Sanford Luverne Medical Center. Please call (507) 283-2321 for a tour, or more information regarding our Birth Center.

"Never will a time come when the most marvelous recent invention is as marvelous as a newborn baby." - Carl Sandberg