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Prepared Childbirth, Baby Care, and Sibling Classes

Child Birth Classes
Congratulations! You're having a baby! Throughout life, we prepare for the things that really matter. Giving birth is no exception.

Thank you for choosing Sanford Luverne Clinic for your prenatal care. We hope you'll choose to deliver your baby at Sanford Luverne Medical Center. We know there are other choices available; we hope to earn your trust and offer you the best experience possible!

We would like to invite you and your partner/support person to our all-new, FREE, Understanding Birth, Understanding Newborns, and Big Brother-Big Sister/Parent Refresher classes:

  • Understanding Birth - Topics we'll discuss in this class are the third trimester of pregnancy, signs of pre-term labor, what to expect during the labor and delivery process, comfort options available, postpartum care and more.

  • Understanding Newborns - This class will help you prepare for caring for your new baby at home, feeding him or her, knowing what to do in various situations, and when you should seek your physician's help.

  • Big Brother - Big Sister/Parent Refresher Class - If you have older children at home, we recommend they attend our Big Brother - Big Sister Class. We'll help prepare them for the changes they'll experience when their new sibling comes home. In the meantime, "experienced" parents may participate in a brief refresher class to learn about the latest in birthing and comfort options, baby care, etc.
To register for a class, please call Sanford Luverne Medical Center at (507) 283-2321.